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Diamond Tubes

man made diamond tube
First Ever Solid Diamond Tube Waveguide for Ka-band (34GHz) wakefield Acceleration
synthetic diamond tubes
White diamond tube internally illuminated with green laser. Tube ID is 5mm, wall thickness 1mm, and length 40mm.
diamond tubes size
40mm Diamond Tube

Polycrystalline Diamond Wafer

diamond wafer
Free standing polycrystalline diamond wafer OD 6.6 cm, 9 gold electrodes for charge collection.

Collection Distance

charge collection distance
Charge collection distance is plotted against applied voltage. The plot demonstrates that polycrystalline diamond grown using the new CTS-6U reactor reached over 200 micron collection distance exceeding electronic performance requirements for LHC detector grade material.

Crystal Gems

man made diamond
Five rough single crystal created using CTS6U tool. Largest is 7mm tall and weighs 7ct.
crystal gem
Four seeds grown together. Total wt 16 ct.

Seed Crystal Growing in CTS6U

Watch 15 hours of CVD Diamond grow in just a few seconds.

HPHT seed
Optical microscope photo shows white colored CVD overgrown on yellow colored HPHT seed
CVD diamond
0.5 and 1.3ct gems grown from HPHT seeds using plasma CVD techniques. The 0.5ct stone bright yellow color is generated from the embedded HPHT seed and grown over with CVD layers on both sides.
synthetic diamond
A 3ct rough CVD sample
CVD diamond
Misc gems cut from CTS grown diamond including fancy yellow princess cut, Asher and graded white brilliants

Ultra-Nanocrystalline Diamond

diamond wafer
0.5 micron thick 4" OD ultra-nanocrystalline diamond coated silicon wafer.
diamond wafer

NV Center Material

diamond wafer
diamond wafer
diamond wafer
diamond wafer
diamond wafer
diamond wafer

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