Single Crystal Gems

CTS Price Advantage/Production Benefits for Gems.

Comprehensive cost of ownership model documents substantial return on investment per machines. CTS6U gem throughput is estimated at 600 to 1300 brilliant cut HIG graded color ct/yr. System price includes complete recipe, training, demonstration and installation at your facility. The buyer is responsible for factory management, process flow and gross output. Local personnel are trained in vacuum instrumentation and related technologies and procedures. The system grows diamond over around 30 5x5mm diamond plates sliced off from prior CVD growth. Each plate final thickness depends on duration of run and determined by operator. The diamonds grow at approximate rate of 0.5-1mm/day depending on recipe and color desired. Available colors are white to yellow and brown. Blues are also available with special gas mixture. The resulting rough stone can be processed in similar way to natural diamond rough. Facilities include hydrogen and methane gas, 10KW elec power (3 phase 200-480V), vacuum pump, chiller and compressed air. Total cost of facilities instrumentation is less than $40,000. Additionally, manufacturing operation may require laser cutting, and diamond polishing. Facility requirement and installation are clearly explained and supported by CTS before purchase. CTS6U operating costs are less than $15,000/yr including electricity, gas, consumables, service and not including labor or other costs.

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