CTS6U Deposition System

Introducing the next generation of CVD Diamond System.  The CTS6U is a radically enhanced version of widely proven Seki 6500 system offering the following unique features for advanced R&D and commercial production applications

Our Products

Exciting New Capabilities

  • Double seals and conflat flanges to significantly reduce N2 contamination.

  • Supercharged Deposition Tool with atmospheric plasma

  • PPM UHP - Ultra High Purity 

  • PPB Nitrogen leak purity implemented with differentially pumped O rings and Conflat Flange on all seals (compare with O rings on prior systems)

  • Higher power option (10kW) for larger area/higher growth rate processes.

  • 6-600 Torr pressure range for stable, high growth-rate,single crystal processes.

  • Two opposing substrates = 2x throughput

  • 2x (Pyrometers and thermocouples) = accurate temperature

  • Advanced process control and monitoring including internet access to system control functions.

  • Flexible fixturing with enhanced throughput for seed substrate processes.

  • Modern software includes advanced (trailing) interlocks and web/mobile access to system data and control

  • Integrated ergonomic single cabinet design for easy operation and service access.

Useful Features

  • Bias Enhanced Nucleation (BEN) for heteroepitaxy.
    Scientific Report - Nature.com

  • 100mm (4") diameter wafer heater providing +-10% uniformity microcrystalline thin diamond films

  • Temperature controlled Translation Stage for large single crystal growth

  • Plasma views through angled 70mm CF windows

  • No line of sight between quartz microwave
    window and plasma. This reduces silicon
    contamination from the window - a common
    contamination due to atomic hydrogen
    reaction with quartz silicon dioxide.

  • Stable plasma for wide range off pressure, power and substrate geometry

  • Integrated Helium leak testing port 

  • Power upgradeable (retrofitted to existing systems) up to 10KW

Breakthrough Results

  • White Diamond Tube: 5mm ID, 2 cm long.

  • 1.1 Ct Brilliant Cut Single Crystal

  • Polycrystalline and Single Crystal Detectors

  • World Class Electronic Performance

CVD Diamond
cvd deposition

Revolutionary Redesign of Seki/Astex

lab grown diamond

Easy Access clam shell chamber

CVD Plasma Chamber

Newly Designed 10KW plasma chamber with wide viewports.

CVD machine

650 torr plasma observable from multiple 70mm wide conflat windows - large enough to easily use cameras or measurement devises

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