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Astex Paragon Software Enhancements

Opto Pac Project Development

Paragon software

Astex Paragon

Legacy Astex CVD Deposition Systems using Paragon software have not been supported by the Manufacturer for several years. Carat Systems can update Paragon software to accommodate  new requirements

Mods may include:

  • Set point Defaults
  • Increased allowable operating Pressure
  • Increased allowable operating Power
  • Change Alarming behaviors
  • Add Recipe Name to Recipe Screens
  • Improve memory management

Paragon is also used for other legacy applications and our expertise can extend to include changes to these as well.

PAC software


Opto Pac Project Development

Industrial Systems Control and Programming, Human–machine interface(HMI), SCADA(Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) using Opto PAC architecture.

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