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Carat Systems provides state of the art plasma CVD deposition equipment, diamond products and advanced deposition processes.

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Our Short Story

Founded in 1998, Carat Systems provides sophisticated diamond deposition systems for industry and gem markets.

Mission Statement

Provide world class quality tools for R&D and production of single crystal and polycrystalline diamonds. CTS is proud to reduce environmental impact of diamond mining. On average 250 tons of earth are mined and destroyed for production of 1ct of gem diamond.

Meet Our Team


Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Roy Gat - (Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering Case Western Reserve University, 1992 is founder (1998) of Coating Technology Solutions Inc (CTS) focusing on developing CVD diamond processes and deposition equipment. Dr. Gat was product manager and research scientist at Applied Science and Technology, Inc. 1993-98. He was in charge of the all aspects of production and development of AX6500 microwave plasma CVD reactor and process development for AX6600 915MHz 100KW reactor. He has been invited to present his work at numerous international diamond conferences including session chair at 1996 and 2006 MRS meetings, organizing committee member AICHE meeting, 2005 and MRS “Diamond Electronics” symposium 2006 and Member International Programme Committee, Diamond Materials Science And Applications, 5-6 Apr.,2006, London, UK.

Lead Engineer

Vitaly Berkman, Chief Engineer, Mr Berkman was Director of New Technology Development, Ozone Product, Director of Engineering, Ozone and mW Plasma Products, Director of Engineering, CVD and PVD Systems Group and Engineering Manager, Diamond CVD systems, at MKS Instruments and ASTeX 1989-2009.

Synthetic Diamonds

CTS Experience and Technology.

ASTeX was the first company to commercially offer microwave plasma systems for diamond. ASTeX was founded in 1987 in Boston area. CTS benefits from technology, employees and consultants originally from ASTeX. Roy Gat, PhD was scientist and product line manager at ASTeX. ASTeX sold its technology to its distributor –Seki – around 1998. Seki never acquired technology development capability. Seki sold 55 ASTeX units to IIa (then called Gemesis) in ~2007. This established IIa’s lead in the marketplace. CTS was founded in 1998. Innovations were added to the ASTeX designs to increase system purity for scientific purposes including particle detectors for Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Important modernizations of the complete redesign provided for modular subsystems. This method borrowed, from equipment companies in semiconductor business, allows for high reliability volume and ease in manufacturing. Consequently, CTS can manufacture over 100 systems/yr using local qualified vendors. In 2013-2014 CTS product was sold through Seki/Cornes as distributor. As of 2015 CTS is selling directly at competitive prices. CTS equipment has broadest process capability in pressure and power. It is the only equipment is that anticipates and prevents possible operator errors. CTS equipment can be retrofitted with most available microwave power supplies providing suppliers independence for our customers. CTS6U can be retrofitted with useful options such as higher plasma power, moving and rotating stage, heater, bias and more. CTS is actively developing future versions of its reactors to keep up with the demands of the market place and technological advances. CTS excellence is evidenced by winning competitive bids totaling over $5M by USA Dept of Energy and US Navy for CVD diamond development.

Ramp-Up Analysis, Guarantees/warrantees, Customer level of support.

CTS systems service/support requirements are minimal.Phone and internet support is available 24 hrs daily and is assisted by optional internet remote diagnostics for the system. Each system is backed by full warranty for parts replacement. Each CTS customer receives extensive training in operation and basic diamond growth recipe. Before system ships, customer grows their own diamond at CTS under supervision and training. Similar diamond is then grown at customer site. Final payment is provided after this final test is successful. To save production ramp up time, training is also offered at on systems running at CTS while customer system is being manufactured.

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